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Master student in the School of Public Health

Research Title: Examining the effect of a remote rehabilitation program based on resistance training on improving muscle endurance among low-risk heart patients.

In recent years, remote cardiac rehabilitation has become possible as part of a new “basket-technology” approval by the Israeli Ministry of Health. However, despite detailed explanations for aerobic exercise training, clear instructions for resistance exercise is lacking. The purpose of Roy's thesis is to examine whether an intervention program based on resistance training performed independently at the patient's home is effective in improving physiological functions similar to the improvement obtained in an intervention program based on a traditional aerobic exercise training under remote rehabilitation program. Patients will receive a link for a video clip explaining how to do home-based resistance exercise. Functional tests, muscle function, and cardiopulmonary exercise testing will be conducted before and after the exercise program to demonstrate improvement in all physiological parameters in the strength-trained cardiac patients compared with aerobic-only, trained patients.

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