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Master student of Public Health

Research Title: Cross-interactions between mental stress and physical stress

Roi Israeli holds a B.Ed in Physical Education with a specialization in health development and posture care. MSc student in Exercise Physiology at the School of Public Health, Tel-Aviv University. Works as a strength and conditioning trainer for young athletes as well as a strength trainer for the elderly population.

In his research, Roi investigates the cross-interaction between physical response to an acute psychosocial stressor and vice versa, the effect of psychosocial response to acute physical stress. Healthy, active volunteers will attend Sylvan Adams Sports Institute for 3 sessions in which they will perform a VO2 max test and perform a stress task. In subsequent sessions the subjects will be randomly divided into 2 subgroups who will perform different protocols. Heart rate, gas exchange and blood lactate will be measured to evaluate the physiological response to mental stress and the opposite, the effect of physical stress on mental stress performance

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