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 Masters student of Public Health

Research Title: Physiological evaluation of amputee football players - comparison between the lab and the field

Michal Nehama-Rabi received her  Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Tel Aviv University in 2014. Currently, she works  as a physical therapist at the Orthopedic Rehabilitation Department, Sheba Medical Center, specialized in amputees' rehabilitation. She also works as a physical therapist of the Israeli Amputee Football team for the past 3 years. She is a Masters student in Exercise Physiology, School of Public Health, Tel Aviv University.

Her research will assess physiological response of amputee football players both in the laboratory and in the field (football court).The data will be collected from the Israel amputee football team during a field play as well as from the lab (at the Sylvan Adams Sports Institute). The data will be compared between both conditions in order to build a customized and individualized training programs for each player according to his abilities and his game position.

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