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Phd student in Biomedical Engineering.

Research Title: Develop Machine learning algorithm for the detection of Overtraining Syndrome (OTS).

Guiora Harel holds a B.Sc in Electronic Engineering and MSc. in Biomedical Engineering, at Tel Aviv University. Currently, he is a Phd student in Biomedical Engineering Department. In his research he is analyzing data recorded during training in order to develop a machine learning algorithm for the detection of Overtraining Syndrome (OTS).

OTS is a chronic condition originated by high intensity exercise training followed by insufficient recovery time resulting in decreased performance and exercise capacity. OTS is one of the biggest challenges in sports affecting amateur and elite athletes. 

According to a recent consensus statement published in 2013 (European College of Sports Science and the American College of Sports Medicine), there are several criteria that define markers for monitoring and predicting OTS in athletes; however, none of the currently available or suggested markers are satisfying and therefore, require additional research. The current study will record and analyze physiological and cognitional parameters prior to, during and after training in order to detect the onset of OTS and allow just-in-time interventions to avoid the mental and physical consequences of OTS.

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