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Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Title: Remote Cardiac Rehabilitation 


Irene is a research leader at the Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation Institute in Sheba Medical Center, Tel HaShomer, Israel. 

She has developed and implemented the first Israeli remote cardiac rehabilitation program, in which wearable devices, web, and mobile applications are widely used.

Irene works closely with and advises various startups in the field of medical technology.

Irene has published several articles and presented her research at various professional and academic conferences.

In her postdoctoral research, she would like to further develop the protocol of "remote" management of diseases and focus on developing theoretical framework and practices to bridge the gaps described above. The aim is to conduct in-depth research to identify the mechanisms that encourage and motivate the patient to respond optimally to treatment in accordance with the patient-centered approach; Conduct data-driven research based on accumulated records to identify weaknesses, benefits, and best practices for remote management of chronic diseases; Develop practices, guidelines and methods for more efficient use of the technological means, by balancing clinical, personal and managerial needs and effectively managing multidisciplinary telemedicine teams. 

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